Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Welcome to "The Crafting Circle!"

What is The Crafting Circle?! Well the Adams Girls love a good project! Throughout history there have been sewing circles, quilting circles, knitting circles, circles of all kinds! Well, we are passionate about crafting and want to share that with others! So we want to have our own CRAFT CIRCLE! 

We know the headache of seeing so many wonderful crafts on Pinterest that would look so great around the house. We also know that shopping for all the materials and than actually following through with crafting the project is easier said than done! So we want to take the headache out of it for you.  We provide all the materials, many options of affordable (and adorable) crafts each month to choose from, ideas to personalize your creation, a night for yourself, and the place to make a mess that you don't have to clean up!

Each month we will have a 7-10 day period you can browse that months selection, email your order, and make customization selections.  We will send out an invoice for payment and once it is received, your spot at the Craft Circle Night and your kit is reserved. We will pick a night that you can come, grab your personalized kit, pick your colors and personalization pieces, and craft with a bunch of fun ladies! (And guys if they want, we won't discriminate!) We will rotate cities between Norton, Phillipsburg, Almena, and Logan. As we grow we hope to start going to at least 2 a month so you have choices of times and locations. (The amount of people who sign up can affect the location.) If you can't make it to a craft night that's okay!  For a $3 fee we will deliver your kit to you, or you can pick it up for free at one of our craft nights. Your kit will be ready with a color scheme and personalization that are prearranged with us. Than you can make it on your own time but have everything all ready to go! (You will need your own paint, glue, and tools as needed for each kit if you do not attend the Craft Circle Night.)

Crafts will range in price from $5-$30 on average depending on the size and materials required.  Mediums used will vary but on average will be wood, paint, vinyl, metal, ribbon, scrapbbook paper, styrofoam, etc.  If you have your own tools you would like to bring on craft night you are welcome to, or you can come and use all of the tools that we have! If you need help with ANYTHING we will be there to teach OR just do it for you!

We look forward to getting our craft on with all those crafters and future crafters out there in our neck of the PRAIRIE!

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